Teaching Series

Teaching Series 


Our New Series

Having just concluded our considerations in 2 Timothy, to keep the 'Disciple Making' momentum, we are commencing a topical series on, yes - discipleship! It can be easy to forget the story we are part of or to reduce the 'gospel' we communicate to simply a message of personal salvation alone. We are part of a much grander narrative then that. The bible speaks about a big FROM and a big TO - we are called from a life of condemnation, sin and judgement TO a covenant relationship with Jesus (part 1!) but part 2 - to then 'Go and make disciples' (Matthew 28:19). Our Go & Make Disciples series will start by setting an essential foundation for us as followers as Christ - asking:

What is the Gospel we communicate?
Who is the King we serve?
What is the Kingdom we are part of?

Then moving on through selected texts from Mark's Gospel to shadow the first Christ followers asking what it means to be called, to deny oneself, to have a disciples heart et al.

This series is the continuum of a whole new chapter for the church as we seek to not only be "God's people on God's mission in the Spirit's power with the message of His Son" (the "who" we are) - but also as we seek to be a people who "Receive, practice & share" (the "what" we do). 

We look forward to you joining us on our journey.