Teaching Series

Teaching Series 


Our Current Series

Our current summer series is entitled “We Believe…” where we have been looking at the things we believe as a group of Christ followers here at Bethel Church. This series looks at each aspect of our Statement of Faith and is aimed at helping us all understand what it is we stand for and who it is we trust in.

New Series – Starting September 24th: Ezra – A Refocused People:

Our new Sunday morning series will be looking at the Old Testament book of Ezra. After 70 years in exile, the Lord’s people were (at last) able to return to their headquarters (Jerusalem). This was an ideal time for them to re-assess what mattered and what their purpose was as God’s people.
This is so relevant to Bethel church at this time. For the past 9 years, we have been meeting on a Sunday morning in The Railway Bar & Grill (opposite the church). This situation was caused due to a major fire back in 2008 which destroyed the main meeting space in our existing church. However 9 years on, we are pleased to announce that very shortly we will be moving back into our own facility (HQ!), having been blessed by the Lord with a new building. The book of Ezra will help us to think about what really matters and what our focus should be. It would be lovely if you could join us, alternatively please do take advantage of the online recordings of our Sunday morning messages. 

Keith Foster, 14/08/2017