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Next Generation

At Bethel we believe children and young people are massively important and equally have a place and a purpose in God's Kingdom.  They aren't in fact the future of the Church - they are the Church now and as such we believe in providing great quality, safe activities for them which ultimately point to Jesus.

The kids at Bethel continually surprise us with their commitment - not to church but to Jesus - and how they see the world and their faith from a completely different (often better!) perspective to the adults at church.

On a Sunday we run a Junior Church for the kids and also a number of amazing age specific groups and clubs as well.  In a typical week we have over 70 children and young people accessing the provision so if you're new or thinking about coming along there's always opportunities for your children to make new friends.

Check out our other pages from the menu at the top or to the right - if you have more questions Contact Us or chat to Ian Grindell or Jane Rubacki who co-ordinate our Children's & Youth ministries, you can find them on our Who's Who page.