In Person

We believe every day is equally important to our relationship with God, but on Sunday we are able to meet together as one family to celebrate the week we have just had and prepare our hearts for the week ahead, aligning with God’s vision for our lives. Everyone is welcome and we love having visitors!
We meet on Sundays at 10:30am in our building (you can find our address on our Contact Us page). We have a time of worship at the start, follow that up with a preach, then finish with worship as well. There is also space for notices and testimony and some Sundays we take communion together. Once a month we take over the Sunday service and have a family service, geared towards activities for the whole family to enjoy.
Currently, due to Covid-19, we are only allowed limited numbers in the building, so you will have to book a seat in advance. This can be done by following this link to our booking form. We are looking forward to having more people in the building again as soon as possible!
We have several groups for kids and youth on Sundays as well, which are as follows:


  • Our youngest age group, taking kids from the age of 2 to Reception age
  • Most of the kids are happy to get stuck in, but mum or dad can stay if they want
  • A very interactive group with lots of fun including crafts, but still has a message and theme


  • For kids in school years Reception to Year 2
  • Lots of games to play, videos to watch, crafts to make, and a Bible story to interact with


  • For kids in Year 3 to Year 6
  • A great mix of learning, games, activities, and interactive discussions with leaders and the wider group


  • Our Sunday youth group for children in years 7 to 10/11
  • Different from the other groups and heavily discussion based
  • Focuses on topics the youth have questions about as they get older
Our older youth (ages 15-16 and up), are encouraged to sit in the main church service or to get involved with some of the younger Junior Church groups. Many of them do both, happily serving in the younger age groups some weeks and still connecting with what's going on in the main church as well the rest of the time.